Every October we have a big party to celebrate our work and give us a chance to invite people to come and see what our ministry is all about. The parents set up, cook the food and then clean up. The kids serve the food and provide entertainment, and they give testimonials about what they’ve accomplished and what the ministry means to them. This year the party was a “spooktacular” and all the kids came in costume. We had about 250 people attend this year – so many that we ran out of food and I had to go out for pizzas!

We had asked five children, ages 6-19, to give their testimonials on what the after-school tutoring program meant to them. On the day before the event, I was told there was a sixth child who wanted to give his testimonial.

That child’s name was Michael, and he had been in the program for about two years. When 2015 rolled around, Michael was not there. I didn’t know what had happened to him, and I feared the worst. It turned out his family had gone through some difficulties and moved away from Guadalupe in 2015, forcing Michael to drop out of the program. He had struggled with learning, and with the problems his family was going through, and now he would start his senior year in high school without the tutoring he had been getting for the previous two years.

But now he was back, and the question in my mind was: Why did he want to give his testimony at the party?

It turns out that Michael graduated high school and is currently enrolled in college! He is very focused on succeeding in school. He wanted to stand up at the party and tell people he graduated high school and got motivated to succeed in college because of the time he had spent with us at the tutoring center.

I was amazed. I had no idea what God was doing in all of this. Michael was able to stand up and tell 250 people about how the program made a huge difference for him. His mom was, needless to say, very proud as well. God is good.