“I feel so alone” is what we most often hear from Anglicans serving in ministries of justice and mercy. The work is discouraging. Our resources are never enough. Personal lives feel the toll. Our spiritual lives are stretched as we wonder if God is big enough for the suffering we hold each day.

The good news is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are many Anglicans in North America who are serving our vulnerable, marginalized, and under-resourced neighborhoods. Neighborhoods who are grappling with issues of racial justice, homelessness, immigration, refugees, at risk children and youth, substance abuse, the penitentiary system, restorative justice, human trafficking, food justice, special needs and mental illness, creation care, domestic violence, in the context of community development, and on the list goes. There is so much beauty and goodness growing as the kingdom of God advances among “the least of these.”

The Gathering

We’re going to get together in September! The Matthew 25 Gathering: Justice and Mercy Contending for Shalom is a gathering birthed out of the Matthew 25 Initiative commissioned by Archbishop Foley Beach and led by Canon for Mission David Roseberry. Matthew 25i includes a grant program that generates and fosters new and existing ministries of justice and mercy.

The Matthew 25 Gathering is where we all get to be together to connect, resource each other, rest a bit, discuss topics that concern us all, network, and seek God together in worship, prayer, and even quiet.

Pastor Soong Chan Rah will be with us to join our conversation. Our primary lens will be from that of the practitioner on the ground, but we will also engage theological and ecclesial perspectives as we celebrate and wrestle with what it means to be Anglicans in our North American contexts of brokenness.

Register Today

We can’t wait. We expect to fill up quickly, so if you are one in the trenches who needs refreshment, vision, and the strong reminder that “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” you are heartily invited! Register here.