About Us

The Matthew 25 Initiative started with a vision from Archbishop Foley Beach and his desire to use a generous grant from an anonymous donor to help churches reach the poor and needy in their communities.

It is working.

Today, after only 18 months of effort and development of these programs, the Matthew 25 fund has helped to fund nearly 40 new ministries.

For the next phase, beginning January 1st, 2017, Archbishop Beach secured a dollar-for-dollar matching gift of up to $1,000,000 if the Province of the Anglican Church in North American can raise $1,000,000!  That’s $2,000,000 that we could receive in the next phase*.

Now, as the monies are raised within the Province, the Matthew 25 Initiative will open up a grant request cycle and begin receiving a new set of applications from programs and ministries within the ACNA. As these applications are received, studied, and prayed over, they are also juried by a group of leaders within the ACNA who have extensive experience in this level of outreach ministries.

A ministry can apply for a grant from Matthew 25 for between $5,000 and $25,000.  The grant application is available for download here.  A program can be fully or partially funded as a Matthew 25 program as these criteria are met.

Here is a list of some of the ministries that have received funding through the Matthew 25 Initiative:

Ministry Sponsor
Adopt a Block Outreach St. Paul’s City Church
All Nations Christian Academy All Nations Christian Church
Arizona Neighborhood Transformation ANT-Arizona
Bonton Farms Aquaponics House Bonton Enterprises
Caminemos Juntos-New Generation Initiative Greenhouse Initiative
Centro Santa Cruz Mision Santa Cruz
Chaplaincy to Civil Society Anglican Church of the Redeemer
Christ the Redeemer Diaper Pantry The Anglican Parish of Christ the Redeemer
Clean Trips Mark 4 Ministries Inc.
Client Services Manager Real Options for Women
Community Food Distribution & Outreach Living Edge Community
Continuum of Care Emmanuel Mission Emergency Homeless Shelter
Earthen Vessels Outreach-New Floor Seeds of Hope Anglican Church
Expanded Community Development & Outreach Ministry South Side Anglican Church
Feasting with Justice and Mercy St. Mary of Bethany Parish
Fellowship of Hope Mentoring Restoration Anglican Church
Hope and a Future The Lamb Center
Jubilee Safe House Church of the Apostles in the City
Let the Little Children Come The Mission of Christ’s Church Inc.
Maintenance The Welcome Mission
Mobile Underwear Ministry Church Army USA
Not Wasted Holy Spirit Anglican Church
Nursing Home Ministry St. Lazarus Mission
Psalm 139 Mom and Baby Merciful Help Ctr St. Joseph Anglican Church
Replanted Church of the Resurrection
Restoration House Apostles Anglican Church
Service Expansion Project The Open Door
St. James Place Church of the Apostles
Summit for Leadership ACNA
Super Saturday Urban Family Ministries & Church of the Holy Spirit
Support for Expanded Homeless Ministries Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship
The Hope to Which He Calls FaithAbility
Tree of Life Immigration Legal Aid Clinic Tree of Life Anglican Church
True Freedom Church The Greenhouse Movement
Uncommon Grounds Cafe Church Army USA
Vita Nova Inc. Vita Nova Inc.
Whitefield Center Whitefield Foundation and Center Inc.
Youth & Family Empowerment Project Cuidad Nueva Community Outreach

*15% of these funds are earmarked for the province to fund supporting programs and administrative work.



Welcome to Matthew 25! I am glad you came by to see what is happening…and what *can* happen…in our Province. You will be intrigued and blessed, I hope. You will be proud and humbled. And you will be inspired to dream and think and plan and pray about what your congregation can do to respond to our Lord’s vision of the Final Judgment.

What is the Matthew 25 Initiative?

It is a matching fund program to help Anglican congregations and dioceses in the US and Canada kick-start ministries and programs that will reach the most hurting, needing, and marginalized around our churches.

What has it done so far?

Since the beginning of the Initiative, the program has raised and dispersed well over $1,000,000 to nearly 40 different efforts and ministries in North America. The programs are chosen after the completion of an application process. As the recipient also raises funds on their side, funds are released for the work. Take a look at just a few examples of what kinds of ministries have been funded.

What’s new about this next step for Matthew 25 Initiative?

There are many new things in place for the next phase of M25i. Here is a list of them:
1. The program has a $1,000,000 grant that has been given. It is a matching grant to the entire ACNA. As this challenge is met, the funds are released and a deeper pool of funds for new projects is created.
2. The programs and ministries will need to raise their side of the matching grant, but they will be assisted through an on-line, non-profit giving platform at Classy.org.  Nearly 100% of the funds raised by the awardee will stay with the program.
3. The programs and ministries that apply will need to have the signature and endorsement of the Bishop of the Diocese where they originate. This will ensure a stronger connection between the program and the overseeing bishops in the Anglican Church in North America.
4. The workers in the field (the heroes of our church!) will gather together for a second Matthew 25 Gathering in Scottsdale, Arizona on September 27-28, 2017. ‘The Gathering’ is intended as a time of mutual sharing, training, refreshment, encouragement, and development of resources.

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of Matthew25i.org is threefold.
1. Communicate: To be a place where the stories of the work and witnesses of the church can be shared with the wider world. We want every story told to lift up the Name of our King Jesus.
2. Application/Donation: To be a site where the entire communication and application process can go on-line and have a public home. But note that every ministry can publish their own fund-raising page and help to get the word out about their ministries.
3. Community: Help every church in the ACNA to understand the opportunities and to see what other churches and ministries are about.

How much money has been raised so far and how much is going to be given?

We see Matthew 25 as an on-going, self-sustaining initiative that will raise and disburse funds as they are given to the Province. In these early days, we have approximately $300,000 that we have on hand to give to ministries and programs that apply.  As future monies are donated, they will be given out also.

Who makes the final determination about the award and when will awardees be announced?

A jury of five men and women, whose ministries and experiences are in the areas of Matthew 25 ministries, make the final determination based on the application given and the funds available.
Applications are available now. The cut-off date to receive the application is May 1st. Awards are announced in mid-June.