Building Veterans is a supportive peer-to-peer community that finds, welcomes, mentors and equips veterans and others who are broken in body, mind and spirit, and integrates them back into the larger community rebuilt and restored to live and serve.

We currently have two houses. Our first has room for eleven men; it is at capacity. The Matthew 25 Grant has been critical in our renovation of our second house, which will have room for eight men. It will be ready for occupancy before this Easter.

We are a “salt and light” organization. We strive to make a positive change in our adopted community.

I was …. In jail: We work closely with the Courts and Detention Center in selecting program participants. Our recidivism rate is below 10%.

I was … hungry: Our men are blessed by the generosity of the local food bank and now volunteer so regularly that the food bank depends on their weekly labor.

I was … A stranger: A young boy fighting stage four cancer spends every Thursday afternoon at our house playing games with men in the program. One of our men holds a small children’s hour outside every Wednesday during the warmer weather. The men mow lawns and shovel snow for our neighbors in need. They often invite a stranger, maybe someone riding the rails or someone hiking the Appalachian trail, to be at the house for a hot home cooked meal.

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