What if young people could not only hear the gospel, but see, touch, and experience it in a tangible way? De La Fuente Fine Arts invites families of inner city Houston to experience the beauty and truth of the gospel through exploring their own creativity. De La Fuente translates to mean “from the source”, or “from the well”, and through instruction and mentoring in music, art, drama, dance and more, we are developing the creative skills of individuals that draw people in to know the One who created them.

Many of the kids in our neighborhood wouldn’t otherwise have access to formal arts education.  81% of children at the local elementary school are considered economically disadvantaged, with that number going all the way up to 90% at our local high school. They would likely never pick up a guitar or play the piano, learn color theory or take a ballet lesson, given the lack of resources available to families. Many will grow up without hearing a special calling on their life. But what if they could not only discover their creative gifts and talents, but also use those gifts to celebrate Jesus?

Research proves that fine arts education is associated with enhanced language and learning skills– De La Fuente not only brings this education to those without another opportunity, but connects them with the creator who loves and died for them through personal relationships and mentoring. Imagine a fine arts program not only gathering children to create music and art for enjoyment, but ultimately pointing them and their families to Christ–providing them with resources to tell the story of the gospel with their lives and bringing them in to the full life of the church. This is what is happening at De La Fuente Fine Arts in Houston.

To learn more, visit: www.missiodeihouston.org