How to Apply

To be eligible to receive funding, an applicant ministry must:

  1. Embody the call of our Lord Jesus in Matthew 25 to meet the needs of the poor, dispossessed, or forgotten as if they were doing this work for the Lord Jesus himself. That is the heart of Matthew 25.
  2. Be linked to the ministry of a church, congregation, diocese, or institution within the Anglican Church in North America.
  3. Be a 501(c)3 organization, or overseen by a church that is under the umbrella of a 501(c)3 organization. There must be an elected or appointed board of directors, trustees, or vestry, to endorse and support the program. In addition, the overseeing bishop must sign the application for funding.
  4. Have explicit ways of both sharing the faith of the Lord Jesus in an evangelistic way, and developing disciples of the Lord Jesus through discipleship efforts.
  5. Understand that the jury, who determines whether an application is awarded, is made up of past M25i grant recipients.

If approved for funding, an approved Matthew 25i ministry must:

  1. Agree to raise a sum of money for their ministry that is equal or greater to their request. That is to say, all funds approved for the grant are to be considered ‘matching funds’ and will be released upon the new funds being raised.
  2. Certify that it has raised its ‘half of the match’ through a letter containing official board minutes.
  3. Agree to place the Matthew 25 logo on their website and provide a link back to the web page for a period of 18 months from approval date.
  4. Provide a written update on the program to the leadership of Matthew 25 on an annual basis. Pictures of the ministry will be included.
  5. Allow for stories, updates, photographs, and references to be used by this website and the Anglican Church in North America.
  6. Your organization will be required to use to help with your fundraising. The ACNA has contracted with to provide an online giving platform for all ministries to use to raise their level of support. The Classy website can be used by any organization making an application regardless of whether they are approved for the M25i grant. All funds generated through Classy are held by the ACNA but belong to the organization raising them. All donor data is made available back to the ministry and is also jointly held by the ACNA.

All funding is subject to the ACNA having raised sufficient funds to ‘match’ the initial grant. Funding request can be approved, but the ACNA must have the funds in hand first.
The Matthew 25 Initiative is an exciting and important program ministry of the Anglican Church in North America.

If you are an ACNA-connected ministry and would like to apply, please download the official application, complete the questions and information requested, and make your application official.

Pending having funds to be released; applications are due May 1st and awards are scheduled to be granted mid-June 2017. **A grace period has been extended until May 15 for a late entries.

Download the application here, fill it out completely, and return it to