Guadalupe Learning Lab

Arizona Neighborhood Transformation works with our friends in Guadalupe Arizona, following a philosophy called Neighborhood Transformation.   This process, also called Community Health Evangelism or Education in other places in the world, focuses on developing relationships with people in the community, listening to them to learn their dreams and assets, then helping them knit together their assets to make their dreams come true and in so doing come to know Jesus.   Guadalupe Arizona is a wonderful place.  It is a small community of 5500 people of primarily Native American (Mexican) descent, located right in the heart of the Phoenix Arizona metropolis.  It is a community where high priority is placed on family and friends.   And it is a place where the education and financial opportunities are poor.  Less than half the children will graduate high school and the per income in Guadalupe is one of the lowest in Arizona.    So, our friends in Guadalupe really desired a way to help their children succeed in school and to improve their job employment opportunities.    Therefore, our focus in Guadalupe has been to help our friends run an after school tutoring program and summer education program.   We currently have about 30 children in our summer program.   Our summer program is run by a Guadalupe resident, Marina Gonzales, along with 3 teenagers from the community acting as team leaders.  We encourage all the parents to participate in the work and the education of their children, as well as work with the children’s teachers during the year.   We also work with the families of our children on issues they might be having, We do some Bible studies and we do community beautification projects.  We have started a small vending company to help provide some employment opportunities.   So far, in 5 years we have had 7 high school graduates!   Everyone that stays with us graduates.  We do not know where God and the community will take us in the future, but we do know we are staying with our friends in Guadalupe and walk with them to bring us all closer to His Kingdom.